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Welcome to Morvan Morlanhal
Morvan Morlanhal is my (my being me, Elof Valantor) little place on the Internet to share, well, whatever I feel like sharing!

The site has a few different areas, each explained briefly:

Home - The front end to the site. The place for news and site updates.
About - What to know about me? Or the site? It's all right here.
Portfolio - My online portfolio of projects and work I have completed.
Gaming - What I'm playing, how well I'm doing and how awesome gaming generally is.
Warhammer - Minature war gaming. Take a peek at my collection.
PnP RPGs - Tradition RPGs! My characters rest here (when not adventuring).
More... - More... means more! Whatever's not above, could be here.

So have a browse, poke around and enjoy yourself. Don't strain any fingers on my account though...

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