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Projects and Promotion
Date Posted - 8th November 2010, Update Author - Elof Valantor

First of all I'm happy to say that work has started on the Projects section of the site. I've got the University section built up and all it needs now are the projects themselves. That could take a while as some of them are in a bit of a state comment and code structure wise, plus I need to look back through my documentation so I can give a run down of the development process, what hopes I had for each project, etc. My main motivation for bothering to do this is that it'll help when I come to show my work to prospective employers. Good commenting is a plus!

Also I've done away with that awful and ancient "site being re-done go here for new one" page that is occupying the front door to the site at the moment. Version 2.5 has been promoted to front man, so to speak! The old site is still here, its just been hidden out the way for old times sake.

Date Posted - 4th October 2010, Update Author - Elof Valantor

I've completed work on the Tyranid section of the site. There is a general overview of what I have collected so far and individual sections for showing off the models. There aren't many models on show at the moment as my intention is to only put up completed models. Most of my painted models are metal and need glossing before I consider them finished. I have plastic models painted as well, but mostly they are a few models in a whole brood. I'll be putting up pictures of whole broods, so they all need to be painted to be considered 'complete'.

Achievements, Badges and Graduation!
Date Posted - 9th September 2010, Update Author - Elof Valantor

I've finished putting together the rest of the achievements and badges in the games section. You can now get a quick summary of my Live achievements and gamerscore, my steams achievements, just how much I love Mount and Blade: Warband (176 hours!) and my kongregate badges and cards. Some tweaking will probably still happen (especially because of the Live gamercard) but generally the section is complete.

On a more festive note yesterday I had my graduation ceremony! It took place in Lincoln Cathedral - something truly awe-inspiring. I'm now an Alumnus (plural: Alumni) and officially hold the degree of Bachelor of Science in Games Computing with Second Class Honours from the University of Lincoln.

Trophy Page is Up!
Date Posted - 19th August 2010, Update Author - Elof Valantor

The gaming section has had its trophy page uploaded with information on my trophy collection. Achievements (Live, Steam and Kongregate) will be added next. This is also an experiment on the layout of the way the sites page structure will work. I'm quite pleased with it as it is now. Simple and easy. It might get a bit cluttered later on - something I will be keeping an eye on.

Morvan Morlanhal Version 2.5
Date Posted - 17th August 2010, Update Author - Elof Valantor

Well I have to hold up my hands and admit it. I actually never really did anything at all with the site over the last two and a bit years. Disgraceful I know. Well that is changing (you may have noticed already). I have a lot of free time now and I intend to use it.

The site has had a small rework to fit the xhtml 1.1 standard. I decided to do this as the html 4 I was running wasn't quite perfect anymore (standards get tweaked after two years). If I had to bring it up to scratch, why not move to xhtml at the same time? Anyway, the plan for now is to get the sub menu working and have all the links to pages up and running, even if it's just to blank (no content) pages. After that I'll start filling the site with projects I've worked on at University, details on my warhammer and magic collections and a record of my games (PC, console and online) and rewards (I'd say trophies, but that isn't strictly true and neither is achievements).

Morvan Morlanhal Version 2
Date Posted - 29th May 2008, Update Author - Elof Valantor

The site has officialy started its transition from version 1 to version 2. After completing a website assessment at University I've learnt a lot about constructing websites better and making them compliant to W3C standards. This has inspired me to re-write the code for the original site with a new layout, features and content. Version 2, as it is going to be called during development will be available to the public during development as building the site is going to take many months of on-off work.

Links and occasionally layouts for pages will be broken from time to time. If you ever encounter such things just remember that until an update here says otherwise the site is in a development state and not perfect.

I'll keep you up-to-date on any major additions the site gets in the coming months, but most things will be silently added. Right now it's just the home page and this news page. I will probably do the about section and Biography sections next. I want to get round to the gaming section but that probably won't happen till the end of the summer as I'm not going to be available to work on the site much over the summer.

Stay tuned!

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Last updated 4th October 2010.