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Site Updates - The "geeky" bit.

A Little Re-Work
Date Posted - 8th November 2010, Update Author - Elof Valantor

While sorting the University project pages out I decided I didn't like the last two options on the main menu, so I re-worked that. It took a while as every page on the site needed updating. It also meant re-working the pages in the sections of the site inquestion. Magic is now a sub section of "More..." and Robs RPG is under "PnP RPGs". It needed changing really now I'm involved with D&D. I also re-worked the trophy section slightly (it's "Rewards" now). I added in a general page instead of having you go straight to the Playstation trophies. This is more of an aesthetic change to match what I was doing over in the Project and Warhammer sections.

Tables, Again, *groan*!
Date Posted - 4th October 2010, Update Author - Elof Valantor

A couple of small addition to the table css file for the new warhammer section. New tables need new settings in order to display all the information appropriately (cell widths, basically)!

Two Small Updates
Date Posted - 30th September 2010, Update Author - Elof Valantor

The need to update trophy and achievement information regulaly has led me to include a small line at the bottom of pages that are subject to an update. All this line does is provide the date that the update took place. It puts the information on the page into context date-wise. I've also had to add two new classes in CSS. A slightly larger cell for larger numbers of characters and a new paragraph element with smaller text.

Table Tweak
Date Posted - 9th September 2010, Update Author - Elof Valantor

Whilst adding the remaining content for achievements and badges another table class needed to be added to accomodate the kongai cards. Hardly worth mentioning but there it is.

I also had a problem getting the Live gamercard to embed in the site whilst still maintaining xhtml 1.1 validity. Microsofts code uses an iframe which is depreciated in xhtml 1.1. They use iframes, I assume, because thier official gamercard is actually a special webpage. Anyway I haven't been able to find a suitable solution yet. <object> would seem to be the best bet but I haven't been able to work it through yet.

Tables (oh no!)
Date Posted - 19th August 2010, Update Author - Elof Valantor

First: tables are okay to use to display data (and should be used)! It's layout they shouldn't be used for. Anyway, the inclusion of trophy data has meant the site needs to accomodate tables. A new CSS file has been added to the site to manage tables. It didn't make sense to clutter up the layout or text CSS files with the table classes. When more tables are added to the site the number of indivdual styles needed for cells, rows, etc will grow. It's just easier to have all that extra code in a seperate file.

A second change has been made to the site. Some pages are long enough to need scrolling. Having to scroll back up to the menu all the time is not user friendly. To combat this a "Return to Top" link is being added to pages that start to get (or could potentially get) rather long. It uses a simple anchor at the top of the page a normal hyperlink to that anchor.

XHTML and Div Structure
Date Posted - 17th August 2010, Update Author - Elof Valantor

The update to xhtml 1.1 was relatively simple. The site was already 99% accurate to html 4.01 strict. The change to xhtml was mostly changing to self closing divs, spans, etc. After that it was just ironing out a few little quirks to get the validation from w3c.

A more important change has been made to the structure of the site. Some of the divs didn't have a floating position specified, which has been corrected. This has allowed for a "clear div" to be added just before the container div is closed. With the other divs floated correctly, this clear div (it uses clear: both;) sits below them. It's empty, but it forces the container div to strecth to fit it in, thus allowing the sites border to adapt to different sized pages automatically. Nifty, eh?

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